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Tino Hevia

Tino Hevia - Reveal

"If you want something... fight for it!"

Tino Hevia

Born: 10-08-1976 in Zurich (Switzerland)
Favorite food: Fish
Favorite drink: Coffee
Movies: Star Wars
Actor/Actress: None in particular
Books: Any of Fantasy
Hobbies: Enjoy the life with my wife, my dogs and write music
A dream: To be happy
A nightmare: Don´t have dreams
An idol: None in particular
Places to visit: All the world
Place to play: Everywhere
Metal bands: Blind Guardian, Rage, Dio, Zakk Wylde, Megadeth, In flames, Symphony X
Discs: The last album in my car
Musicians: Vivian Campbel, Marcus Siepen, Marcos Rodríguez, Andre Olbrich, Dave Mustaine, Zakk Wykde
Reveal´s favorite song: Wishes
Previous bands: Nörthwind, Darksun
Current bands: Darksun, Reveal
Equipment: See my website
Before a concert: Tuning my guitars
Your philosophy of life: If you want something... fight for it!