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Rob Lundgren

Rob Lundgren - Reveal

"Look forward but dont forget to look Now because thats what we are."

Rob Lundgren

Born: April 1983 in Stockholm (Sweden)
Favorite food: The Planet... or if you wanna be specific... Mango
Favorite drink: H20 cold with bubbles and a taste of... Mango šŸ™‚
Movies: 300, Matrix, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Pulp Fiction, Interstellar, What the Health
Actor/Actress: Samuel L Jackson, Benicio del Toro, Sly, Arnold, Jim Carrey
Books: The Power of Now, Feel the fear and do it anyways
Hobbies: Entering Deep in the Moment as I discover the world without and within
A dream: Flying
A nightmare: Falling
An idol: Daniel Heiman
Places to visit: Every corner of this Earth and Space
Place to play: To a roaring crowd
Metal bands: Metallica, Pantera, AiC, Angra, Adagio, REVEAL
Discs: Black Album
Musicians: Daniel Heiman, Celine Dion, Bonjovi, Michael Jackson
RevealĀ“s favorite song: Undercontrol or 300
Previous bands: Powerdrive, Scientic, Barque of Dante
Current bands: Youtube & Reveal šŸ™‚
Equipment: My eternal drive to rock!! along with some Rode and Pro Tools
Before a concert: aaaaaAAaaaAAAAHHHHH!!!!
Your philosophy of life: Look forward but dont forget to look Now because thats what we are